About Us


With great honor and pleasure, we would like to introduce to you our overseas Human Resource recruitment company, Himalayan Human Resources Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Government approved license no. 451/060/61 Established in 2003, and we are pioneers in the field of Nepalese employees' recruitment worldwide. Since our date of establishment till now we have recruited thousands of skilled and unskilled human resources to various companies & those are highly satisfied companies and the employees as well.  Having a great team member with years of expertise in the field of recruitment we are able to exceed the expectations of various company’s requirements with our recruited employees.

We would like to draw your attention towards the following benefits of recruiting directly from Manpower Company of Nepal.

1.       These terms of recruitment shall fulfill the requirements of ILO and signifies the MOU between the government of the host country and Nepal.

2.       Your company would save the fees you should provide for agents in host countries.

3.       The flexibility of recruiting workers as per company requirement with direct interaction, interviews (via online or physical presence of your representative) and evaluation of employees.

4.       The quick response and solution from our company towards unnecessary worker’s action hampering your company’s valuable time and resources. With no involvement of a third party, your company shall have the direct access to contact to our Nepal agency for immediate solution.

5.       With the direct involvement of our Manpower company and your company there shall be no confusion regarding the nature of work and salary due to which there will be no chaos from workers regarding the same.

6.       There shall be no financial burden for the employees to pay for the agents which enhances employee's efficiency and joy of work.

7.       Our company shall guarantee you to provide with employees of your need and provide you with compensation under unforeseen cases of employee induced problems whereby they are unable to complete the contract period or want to return back to the source country before completion of the contract period.

Hoping to serve your company with our expertise in the field of recruitment.